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You can also find on this site a guide to the many different transport options to and from the U.K. airports. On the taxi page you can find a taxi learn about the things you can expect when booking a taxi.

You can also get helpful information that will navigate you through all that’s involved in hiring a car. If you prefer to park your car at the airport then the parking page will help you decide the best place to go.

If you are looking for somewhere to relax before or after you fly from the airport then check out the nearby hotels. On the hotel page you will find a list of hotels to suit your travel plans. There are many options for those who have business needs or for those who want to relax in luxury.

You’ll also find an extensive list of shopping opportunities near the airports. The UK is full of amazing stores and if you have some spare time you should certainly visit them the buy some goods or gifts. If you do not have the time to physically shop, you should browse to Keuzehelper and find something suitable there, they have great gifts and toys!

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Amazing Travel Gifts For Kids

child plays with toys as his parents wait in the terminal waiting room

child plays with toys as his parents wait in the terminal waiting room

If you’re searching for fun travel Geschenkideen für einen 6 Jahre Alten Jungen or kids in general, you have come to the right place.

We’re very much aware of how difficult it can be to find gifts for kids that they’ll like or even use. Plus, if you’re looking specifically for travel gifts, that can make the process a little more challenging.

Fortunately, we can help you search for the perfect travel present for your kids. How do we plan on doing that? Well, we have put together a list of ten amazing travel gifts that you can get for your kids. So, let’s get started!

The 10 Best Travel Gifts for Kids

1. Travel Games

If you’re looking for a fun travel gift, then you can’t go wrong with travel games. They’re a great pastime game for your kids, especially during flight delays, and are perfect for long trips.

All-time favorites include Dobble, Uno, Bananagrams, Travel Scavenger Hunt, and many more. Story Cubes are also popular choices as they help bring out your kids’ imaginative and creative side.

2. Reusable Water Bottle

These are perfect gifts for just about any traveler. A reusable water flask is a thoughtful present that your children will appreciate too. Plus, a gift like this will remind your kids to be more mindful of the environment and to drink adequate water.

Make sure you pick one in your kids’ favorite color, and you’ll have a perfect travel gift for your children.

3. Atlas

You can even get a gift that’s practical and educational at the same time, like an atlas. It’ll encourage your kids to learn more about the world we live in.

There are tons of options available, each catering to different kid’s ages. National Geographic U.S Road Trip Kids Atlas and Lonely Planet’s Kids World Atlas are popular choices for school-going kids.
National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas

4. Stationery

Stationery is another excellent travel gift idea for kids. Washable pens, crayons, new pencils, etc., are all great options.

Twistable crayons, for instance, are perfect travel gifts for young children as they offer a fun drawing experience. No sharpener required, no more broken crayons, and best of all, the kids’ hands stay clean.

5. Headphones or Earphones

For young kids from ages six and above, headphones or earphones make for an excellent travel gift. Besides, most airlines don’t offer child-sized headsets.

Headband-type headsets are ideal for young kids as they remain intact and don’t fall off easily. These comfortable headphones for children have limited volume and comfortably fit smaller ears.

6. Kids Camera

One gift most kids will really appreciate getting is a camera. The best part about this gift idea is that there are plenty of affordable and good-quality cameras available for kids.

For young kids, you might want to pick one that’s lightweight and sturdy. For instance, the OZMI digital camera is a great choice, and it comes in multiple color variants.

7. Kids Travel Bags

A backpack, a rolling suitcase, or a travel bag is another excellent travel gift for young children of all ages. Young kids like mimicking their elders, and when traveling, they love carrying their own adorable bags.

And for older kids, backpacks are an indispensable travel item. Rolling kids’ luggage or ride-on suitcase is a favorite among young children. For school-going kids, a travel bag will be very much appreciated.


8. Binoculars

Binoculars are also a great travel gift that kids would really appreciate getting. Get one that’s appropriate for your kids’ age, and they’ll treasure it for a long period.

Also, instead of toy binoculars, you might want to consider a sturdy and good-quality binocular with a decent magnification. For young kids, get one that won’t break easily, like the Kidwinz Binocular set.

9. Passport Cover

If your kid is traveling for the first time, a passport cover will make a perfect first travel gift. You’ll find tons of options in different designs and colors. You can get one that’s made of premium vegan leather, making it ideal for vegans.

10. Travel Neck Pillow

A comfortable travel neck pillow will also make an excellent and useful gift for kids, especially for long-haul flights.

Trunki’s travel neck pillow is perfect as it comes with hidden magnets to offer comfy support for the chin. You can also find multiple kids’ travel neck pillows that come in different sizes, designs, and styles.


So these are some incredible travel gifts that you might want to consider getting for your young children. A travel present for kids should be something fun and practical so that they actually like the gift and use them.

We have carefully handpicked products that are hit among kids when it comes to travel gifts. Plus, these recommendations make for a fun and practical travel gifts for children. No matter which one you pick, we’re pretty sure your kids are going to love you for the thoughtful gift.