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There may be many reasons why you need to visit a U.K. airport.

Perhaps you are passing through on a layover or it could be your final destination. Perhaps you are meeting a friend or a family member.

It’s also possible that you are in need of gift ideas for your children and that you are visiting the shops in Germany to do some early Christmas shopping.

Or, maybe you have chosen to meet your international clients there for a business meeting.

Whatever your reason for visiting the airport, this site can help you find the information you need.

If you are using the airport for an outward journey, then check out the departures page. It gives live information about your flight and useful information about where and what time to check in. 

The arrivals page is very useful if you are expecting someone to arrive at the airport. You can see all the live arrivals and plan your journey to the airport so that you can meet them on time. 

You can also find on this site a guide to the many different transport options to and from the U.K. airports. On the taxi page you can find a taxi learn about the things you can expect when booking a taxi.

You can also get helpful information that will navigate you through all that’s involved in hiring a car. If you prefer to park your car at the airport then the parking page will help you decide the best place to go.

If you are looking for somewhere to relax before or after you fly from the airport then check out the nearby hotels . On the hotel page you will find a list of hotels to suit your travel plans. There are many options for those who have business needs or for those who want to relax in luxury. 

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Heathrow Airport 

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is one of the major international airports of the United Kingdom. Situated 15miles (24km) west of London it is the busiest airport in Europe. 80 different airlines operate from London Heathrow flying to 180 different locations. Over 80 million passengers flew in or out of Heathrow in 2018. 

Here on these pages you will find information that will help you with all your travel plans to and from London Heathrow. 

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is the U.K.’s second busiest airport by total passenger traffic. It is located in South East England around 30 miles or (48km) south of Central London.

It has two terminals caring for the many airline companies that operate from the airport.

Here on these pages you will find information that will help you with all your travel plans to and from Gatwick Airport. 

For up to date travel advice check out the U.K. government website.