Heathrow Airport Transportation Parking

If you are planning to drive to the airport then you may be interested in the parking options at Heathrow. Many choose to park their cars at the airport because of the convenience of being in their own car. Others are looking for a place to park whilst picking up someone from the airport or saying a long goodbye. Here you can see what’s available at heathrow airport parking.

Long Stay Parking

If you plan to drive your own car before flying then the long stay parking at Heathrow airport is a great place to leave your car. It is safe and secure and cheaper than many other parking options in London. When you book in advance you may be able to get a good deal. It is also good to compare prices at the different terminals if you are looking to save a little bit extra. It’s good to be aware that the Terminal 5 long stay car park is located on the Northern Perimeter Road. It has very secure parking facilities with regular patrols and CCTV monitoring. The shuttle service passes every 10 minutes and it will only take a short 10 minutes to reach the terminal.

Short Stay Parking

If you are visiting Heathrow Airport up to a period of 5 hours then the short stay car park is a good place to park, although you can stay for longer if you need to. Every terminal has a short stay car park and is ideal if you are picking someone up from the airport or saying a long goodbye.

Business Parking

If you are looking for parking at Heathrow Airport with greater speed and convenience then try the business parking. They are good if you are travelling on business up to three or four days. The car parks are closer to the terminals than long stay and the shuttle transfers are more frequent. 

You can find business parking at Terminals 2, 3 and 5. The prices vary depending on the length of your stay.

T5 Pod Parking

Another convenient car park for business travelers is T5 Pod Parking. This car park is exclusively for those travelling from Terminal 5. It offers no hassle parking and then you just take a driverless pod to the terminal.

Heathrow Meet & Greet and Valet Parking

If you are looking for extra convenience then try the Meet and Greet or Valet Parking. To use the Meet and Greet service is very simple. Drive into the short stay car park and park in the Meet and Greet area. Then your car will be parked for you. When you return from your trip then your car will be waiting for you in a prearranged spot.

Valet Parking offers just that little extra convenience. A chauffeur will meet you at your terminal at an agreed time and securely store your car for you. On arrival to the airport, your car will be delivered back to you.

Motorcycle Parking at Heathrow Airport

If you would like to park your motorcycle at Heathrow airport then there are many free parking spaces located at the short stay car park. You can find them in the following locations:

Terminal 2: At the back of the Short Stay Car Park 2, over to the right hand of the over-height exit.

Terminal 3: At the back of the Short Stay Car Park in section 1A/5, the right hand side of the exit leading out on to Chester Road.

Terminal 4: Opposite Arrivals

Terminal 5: Next to the Short Stay Car Park