Heathrow Airport Transportation

The biggest transport hub in London is London Heathrow airport. Many passengers travel to and from London Heathrow to places all over the world. This guide will help you to find information on how you can travel either to or from the airport. Being close to London, there are many options and it’s important to see which ones are best suited for you. 

Travel by taxi

Taking a taxi can be one of the most convenient ways to travel to and from the airport. You don’t need to worry about picking up or dropping off a rental car. Nor do you need to worry about your car being kept secure in one of the long stay car parks. Simply take a taxi from the terminal to your chosen destination. If you pre book your taxi, not only could you benefit from a meet and greet service but the company can see when your flight will arrive so that you do not need to worry about delays.

Parking at London Heathrow

There are many parking options available if you want to drive your own car to and from the airport. If you are driving to drop someone off or pick them up, London Heathrow has a short stay car park that you can use. If you are planning to leave your car at the airport then there are different options to choose from. You can simply park your car in the long stay car park or for extra convenience you could choose business parking, the ‘Meet and Greet’ service or valet parking.

Car rental

Car rental is a great choice if you are visiting London. When you consider all the travel expenses that can occur when visiting a country, car rental is a good option that provides greater convenience. However, renting a car is not always that straightforward. The guide on this site can help you to be wise to some of the pitfalls and know what to look for when renting a car.