Heathrow Airport Flights Departures

Welcome to the Heathrow departures page. Here you can see all the live departures at Heathrow Airport. It’s updated every minute so you can be sure when your flight is going to leave.

Where is the Check In?

There is lots of information on display at the Heathrow terminals for you to find the right place to check in. Firstly and very importantly you will need to know which terminal you need to check in. Follow the link to find which terminal you will be flying from.

Once you arrive at the terminal you will need to go to the locations of the check in desks. 

Terminal 2

Post code: TW6 1EW

Check-in is on the top floor of the building.

Terminal 3

Post code: TW6 1QG

Check-in is on the ground floor of the departures building.

Terminal 4

Post code: TW6 3XA

Check-in is on the first floor of the building

Terminal 5

Post code: TW6 2GA

Check-in is at the top of the building

Once you arrive at the check-in area you can search for your flight on the monitors that are displayed at every entrance. You will be directed to zones that are clearly signposted by yellow illumanted cubes.

What time should I arrive?

Heathrow airport operates high security measures before you can pass through to the departure lounge. Because of this, it now takes longer than it did before. It is recommended that you arrive at the airport well ahead of time.

The suggested time to arrive depends on your destination. Please see the table below:

Long-haul flights 3 hours prior to the departure time

European flights 2 hours prior to the departure time

Domestic flights 90 minutes prior to the departure time


Airport security has increased in recent years. Don’t get caught out at the airport, check beforehand that what you are travelling with can get through security.

Heathrow operates a two bag policy at airport security. Each piece of hand baggage must not be larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22in x 18in x 10in). Any piece of luggage that is larger than this needs to be checked in as hold luggage. The airport has various places you can check the size of your baggage.

A handbag or laptop bag is included as one piece of your two-bag allowance.

You will be limited to the amount of liquids that you can carry with you as part of your hand luggage. This may include, bottled drinks, suntan lotion, fragrances, cosmetics, toiletries and all frozen liquids. All should be in containers no larger than 100ml and placed in a single transparent bag. The bag should not be larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in – 8in) and should be able to close properly.

For more information about security check out the security information on the Heathrow airport website

What shops and restaurants are there in the departure lounges?

There are many different shops and restaurants in the departure lounges at Heathrow airport. You will find all the essentials needed for your journey. 

If you need beauty and fragrance products there is a boots. If you want something delicious to eat or drink then there is a Marks and Spencer Simply Food shop and for books and magazines there is WHSmith.

There are a number of restaurants you can choose from at the Heathrow airport  departure lounges. If you are looking for a quick bite and a hot drink then check out Caffè Nero. If you want something more substantial then head to The Crown Rivers, they offer a selection of pub food and drinks. If you want a vegan meal then Leon has a selection of delicious dishes. Yo! restaurant offers a wide selection of gluten-free meals.