Heathrow Airport Flights

London Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe. In 2018, over 80 million passengers flew in or out of London Heathrow. London Heathrow is a large airport with 4 terminals. They are numbered 2-5 as Terminal 1 is no longer open. Whether you are flying to or from London Heathrow, you will need to know which terminal your airline carrier is using. You may also need to know additional information so that you can successfully arrive on time or make plans for your onward journey.

The following pages provide information such as which airline carriers use the terminals, where the terminals are, including the address, how to find your check in desk and what time you should arrive to check-in.

You will also see in this section how you book a flight to or from London Heathrow. You will see how you can use a search engine to find the cheapest flights to your destination and also how you can avoid paying the highest price for a ticket.

Also in this section you will be able to see a live list of both arrivals and departures. This live departures page will help you to check what time your flight is due to leave. The live arrivals page can be helpful if you are planning to pick up a passenger from the airport. You can see what time they are due to arrive.