USB And Multimedia Devices!!!

USB is a ubiquitous thing in all sorts of electronic devices, including the cell phones and MP3 players. We have USB’s everywhere and each one has its own uses according to the situations. Because of its many incarnations, USB has been able to be easily adapted in any form on any device.

We use USB for connecting different media devices, charging points and much more. We hope many of us have plugged our phones in our car to listen to music, and for charging, that’s the USB.

So, basically, Car USB is for listening music and other audio contents. In few cases, in older head units, the USB is mainly an alternative auxiliary unit. The USB’s normally have software’s in it to help you play music, from either your smartphone or your USB device, in a just a jiff.

Autoradio USB is mainly used for plugging in devices that give you some music, be it by playing with your pen drive or your smartphone and voila! Your music is ready and you can drive long. The auto USB comes with in-built software(mostly) to support the apps used by your other devices, like your smartphone, iPod, and few more. Or simply plug in to charge them.

Navigatore Audi A4 is a Multimedia device that is compatible with most of the Audi autos. It has touch screen feature, so you needn’t look at the device and go off the road. It has Windows CE OS, supports steering wheel controls and can store up to 30 channels from the radio.

You can connect to phone book via Bluetooth; you can listen to audio and go hands-free at the same time. It can even enable you to play your games, gives you a 3D image of the maps. It supports multi-languages, includes Italian. What more do you need when you so many along with the comfort of your Audi!