Tyres are the rudimentary for safer car driving. More than checking the pressure in tyres it involves a lot of other factors as well. Tyre is an integral part of the vehicle. Hence people do not give much importance to it. Even when the tires wear out, they simply chose a best and affordable alternative and fix it. It is very important to learn about tyre brand, types of tyres, various sizes etc.

The rough surface of the tyre is referred as Tread. These treads needs to be monitored periodically for better tyre maintenance. Always the tread should be in good condition. Immediate tyre replacement is required when the tread fades off.  The minimum requirement of tread depth is 1.5 mm else the tyre needs a replacement. Tyres in Australia are changed based on the seasonal requirements.

Tyres for seasonal changes:

All season tyres: These tyres are of well-known brands and are 15 to 20 inches wheel size. They provide good grip. They offer better handling of braking features. They can be used in all seasons.

Summer high tyres: These are generally found on luxury sedans or sporty vehicles. These are highly durable and well-handled during wet and dry conditions. These are generally referred as summer ultra-high performance tyres.

Winter tyres:  These are specially made to withstand winter snowy road conditions. They offer excellent grip on roads while stopping and passing over the snow covered roads. Their treads are specifically manufactured to pass through the ice and snow covered roads. Further, the rubber of the tyre is processed in such a way that it is pliable even during the freezing winter days.

Thus based on the season the tyres needs to be monitored and change to withstand the weather conditions. Further the quality and brand of the tyre need to be chosen appropriately. Always check for the online offers and seasonal sales for the best buy.…