Being an enthusiast has its upside only!

I have been into automobiles for as long as I can remember. My family owned a showroom of pre-owned cars and we had a fleet of them at home especially because of the males outnumbering the women. My father had five brothers and all of them preferred having their own vehicles. The family legend has it that they were so into cars that the decision to enter the pre-owned car market was actually a fall-out of their own passion!

I have learned quite a lot about cars and thanks to my family:

But it is not just about the cars but also about the car. I mean the car parts and the function of every car part are known to me. I used to spend a big part of my day in the garage attached to the showroom where the used cars were sent for refurbishment to make them sell worthy.

Car parts in the United Kingdom:

There is no dearth of finding places here in the UK for car parts. Every car dealer worth his salt has car parts well stocked on his premises and if he runs out of stock there is always a guarantee that they would restock the service station as soon as possible. Car parts and service is as much part of the goodwill of the brand as say the quality of the car or the engine of the car itself. if the service or not catering to diligent car part request is not tended to well, it speaks badly of the after sales service of the brand and can end up in plummeting the reputation of the brand itself.

The car manufacturers make sure that when the car is sold, the literature and the manual give a detailed list of the places where the spare parts of the car are available ready, it is mandatory to furnish this list in most countries of the world so that the customer does not have hassles looking for authorized dealer s original car parts.…