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The Latest UK Airport News Stories:

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23.10.16 Airports expansion decision 'next week'
23.10.16 Final decision on expanding Heathrow or Gatwick won't go to MPs for over a year
23.10.16 Government 'dithering' over Heathrow-Gatwick runway decision
23.10.16 London City Airport evacuation 'may have been caused by CS gas'
23.10.16 Ryanair cuts profit forecast after fall in pound
23.10.16 Bag handler closure threatens Christmas chaos at four UK airports
23.10.16 Gatwick braces as union walkouts threatened
23.10.16 Gatwick’s the best choice, but a Heathrow Hub fudge could sweeten the deal
23.10.16 Green light for Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham to bring £230billion boost
23.10.16 Businesses are running out of patience on airport capacity
23.10.16 IATA warns of infrastructure crisis in next 20 years
23.10.16 Pilots union accuses Government of Heathrow 'u-turn'
23.10.16 Heathrow flyers climb ahead of expansion decision
23.10.16 Heathrow refutes fears of rocketing airline charges
23.10.16 Heathrow 'ready to deliver' new runway as passengers and profits rise
23.10.16 Dutch airport sends cakes to Heathrow when airport expansion decision is delayed
23.10.16 Winter programme of terminal improvements commence at Leeds Bradford Airport
23.10.16 Low-cost travel boom in Europe 'to continue for next 20 years'
23.10.16 Zac Goldsmith poised to stand as anti-Heathrow candidate in by-election
23.10.16 Heathrow: Most MPs support third runway expansion
23.10.16 Zac Goldsmith: Investors beware, I will never let a third runway be built at Heathrow
23.10.16 Tory revolt over Heathrow third runway as 60 MPs oppose plans and warn of ‘catastrophe’ for party
23.10.16 Royal Borough declares war on Heathrow expansion plans
23.10.16 Don’t expand two airports at once, Osborne warns
23.10.16 Labour adds to growing demands for urgent Heathrow expansion decision
23.10.16 Heathrow or not, have we resolved the human impacts of the third runway?
23.10.16 Greenpeace joins with councils to prepare legal challenge over Heathrow airport expansion
23.10.16 Heathrow third runway close to getting government green light
23.10.16 Heathrow runway deal will see new domestic routes
23.10.16 Fresh doubts emerge over Heathrow pollution
23.10.16 24 hours beneath the Heathrow Airport flight path
23.10.16 Heathrow expansion is 'right choice for Britain' says airport chief
23.10.16 Airport expansion: 'Countryside challenge' if Gatwick chosen
23.10.16 Norwegian Air to drive Gatwick growth - even if expansion bid fails
23.10.16 UK pledges action over US block on Norwegian Air
23.10.16 Former Irish aviation giant signs EasyJet deal
23.10.16 Manchester Airport runway closed as BA plane develops fault
23.10.16 Five things: Leeds-Bradford Airport
23.10.16 London City Airport appoints former I.T. guru as Chief Operating Office
23.10.16 Newcastle Airport insists baggage carrier exit won't cause 'Christmas chaos' for passengers
23.10.16 Tumbling airfares test nerves as low-cost carriers push for growth
23.10.16 Falling pound hits winter holiday market
23.10.16 Disruptive Jet2 passenger ordered to pay for airline's losses
23.10.16 £50m concrete deck race for London City Airport
23.10.16 History made as Leeds Bradford Airport turns pink
23.10.16 New deals secured at Manchester Airport’s World Freight Terminal
23.10.16 Manchester Airports Group dishes out £60m facilities management contract
23.10.16 Drones will be crashed into passenger jets in mid-air to test safety after string of near misses near airports
23.10.16 Gatwick Airport workers threaten Christmas strike
23.10.16 Mapping the customer journey at Heathrow – It’s about emotion, not process
23.10.16 Tiny travellers’ top tips: Heathrow celebrates young high flyers
23.10.16 Primesight buys OOH rival Airport Media
23.10.16 Deadly black widow spider found in a box at Gatwick
23.10.16 Fire crews scrambled to a 29-year-old Jet2 Boeing 757 at Manchester Airport as it makes a third emergency landing in a month
23.10.16 London City Airport to be hit by cabin crew strike
23.10.16 Plans for new immigration detention centre next to Glasgow Airport unveiled
23.10.16 Boeing expects boom in demand for smaller, low-cost aircraft
23.10.16 Ryanair slammed for ‘Fly to Win’ charity scratch card where odds of winning are 1.2billion/1…. and only small percentage of the profits go to good causes
23.10.16 Direct Manchester to Houston route is a boost to economy, say business leaders
23.10.16 Norwegian reports record quarterly passenger numbers
23.10.16 Lufthansa lifts profit forecast as business bookings improve
23.10.16 Delta mulls no-frills transatlantic flights
23.10.16 Iberia joins Japan Airlines, BA and Finnair in joint business on flights between Europe and Japan
23.10.16 Iberia unveils premium economy for long-haul
23.10.16 EasyJet pumps cash into tech start-ups
23.10.16 London City Airport introduces customer feedback via emojis
23.10.16 EasyJet brings a little bit of Holland to London with immersive theatre experience
23.10.16 Arora Group hosts ground breaking ceremony for new Heathrow Terminal 4 hotels
23.10.16 Report calls for taxi passengers to foot Aberdeen Airport drop-off charges
23.10.16 Official launch for £2 easyBus service to Manchester Airport from Shropshire
23.10.16 Gatwick to be covered by BlueCity car-sharing scheme
23.10.16 Gatwick Express: 30 trains a day scrapped in case there are leaves on the line
23.10.16 Heathrow Airport and Waterloo 'should be linked by new rail line'
23.10.16 Dundee to Amsterdam passengers bussed to Edinburgh to fly
23.10.16 Cardiff Airport's Flybe London flights to continue
23.10.16 Liverpool John Lennon Airport announce Alder Hey fundraising partnership
23.10.16 Belfast airport firefighters prove they are hot stuff stripping off for charity calendar
23.10.16 Ryanair adds three new routes to East Midlands Airport schedule
23.10.16 Flybe’s new Dublin route from Doncaster Sheffield to boost connectivity to US
23.10.16 New flights to Norway launched from Newcastle
23.10.16 easyJet to launch winter flights from Leeds Bradford Airport for sixth year
23.10.16 Sardinia gets another UK air link
23.10.16 WOW Air increases transatlantic service
23.10.16 Norwegian resumes Gatwick-Puerto Rico flights
23.10.16 Thomas Cook announces Gatwick-Barbados service
23.10.16 British Airways to launch Heathrow-New Orleans route
23.10.16 BA passengers warned plane could topple over on runway after landing gear failure
23.10.16 British Airways to axe Chengdu flights
16.10.16 Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham set to get runway go ahead
16.10.16 Gatwick Airport to plan new runway even if Heathrow wins
16.10.16 Stansted promises fight if Gatwick and Heathrow both get new runways
16.10.16 Scottish government backs Heathrow expansion
16.10.16 Boost for third runway at Heathrow as Jeremy Corbyn suggests Labour MPs could have free vote
16.10.16 Gatwick and Heathrow rivals clash in furious war of words over runway expansion
16.10.16 Gatwick says Heathrow will ‘likely fail’ to build new runway if Government gives go-ahead
16.10.16 Gatwick has another dig at the Airports Commission as it announces a record September
16.10.16 Beyond Heathrow versus Gatwick: The government should set airports free to compete for future growth
16.10.16 Heathrow expansion boils down to battle between economy and environment
16.10.16 Zac Goldsmith vows to quit as MP if Heathrow third runway is allowed
16.10.16 Theresa May at odds with her local party chairman over Heathrow
16.10.16 If Heathrow is clear for take-off, wait till the lawyers land
16.10.16 Theresa May's local council set to spend £50,000 to fight Heathrow runway
16.10.16 George Osborne tells Theresa May to get on with Heathrow expansion as country has 'dragged its heels for decades
16.10.16 Expand Heathrow Airport for global trade says Osborne
16.10.16 Unions write to Labour MPs urging them to back Heathrow expansion
16.10.16 Gatwick appeals to MPs in open letter on new runway
16.10.16 How does Gatwick plan to build a new runway if the Government gives Heathrow the go-ahead?
16.10.16 Gatwick submits evidence to redress 'under-estimated' growth projections
16.10.16 Owners in talks to sell Blackpool Airport
16.10.16 Plans to reopen Manston as an airport scrapped as experts conclude it's 'not commercially viable'
16.10.16 Record passenger numbers for Leeds Bradford Airport
16.10.16 Number of passengers using Cardiff Airport rises
16.10.16 Sporting events help boost Glasgow Airport's September passenger figures to a 50-year high
16.10.16 Edinburgh Airport September passenger figures show substantial international growth
16.10.16 Prestwick Airport costing taxpayer £750,000 a month
16.10.16 Prestwick Airport debt now at £21.3m as losses rise
16.10.16 George Best Belfast City Airport: Year-on-year profits rise by 40%
16.10.16 Passenger numbers down 15% at Aberdeen airport in September
16.10.16 Aberdeen Airport profits up despite oil and gas gloom
16.10.16 Manchester Airport celebrates record September - thanks to university freshers
16.10.16 Stansted comes close to reaching record high
16.10.16 Luton Airport hits the 14 million passenger mark
16.10.16 Luton Airport: Why has growth happened so fast?
16.10.16 Uproar over 'torture' of Gatwick flight path noise from Route 4 over Horley, Salfords and Leigh
16.10.16 Gatwick runway could lead to 92,000 new homes by 2050
16.10.16 Thousands of complaints made regarding changes to Gatwick's flightpath
16.10.16 Heathrow plans to squeeze additional 5% capacity from existing runways
16.10.16 IAG Cargo to lift premium capacity with £55M facility
16.10.16 China to open first phase of potentially world’s largest airport by 2019
16.10.16 Airports: Why join the dog-fight over Heathrow?
16.10.16 Plunging pound sends Heathrow exports skyward
16.10.16 BA threatens to shift resources from Heathrow if costs increase with third runway
16.10.16 Travellers at risk of 'disgraceful' 'exchange rate profiteering' at airports
16.10.16 Gatwick quizzed over poor on time flights record
16.10.16 Most advanced baggage technology for Gatwick
16.10.16 How Gatwick Airport gets 95 per cent of travellers through security in five minutes
16.10.16 Aviation chiefs blame tax as a record number of Northern Ireland people use Dublin Airport
16.10.16 Highlands and islands airports welcome 111,000 more passengers
16.10.16 Monarch airline agrees £165m investment from Greybull
16.10.16 Is it all over for the age of cheap air travel?
16.10.16 Airport security could add £500 to the cost of your holiday
16.10.16 Demand drops for beach holidays
16.10.16 Cost of hitting the slopes up by a quarter
16.10.16 Package holidays make a comeback
16.10.16 Job loss fears as one of the country's biggest airport baggage handlers quits UK
16.10.16 BA is 'destroying the brand'
16.10.16 Flights to China could more than double
16.10.16 Finnair to focus on Asia routes ex UK
16.10.16 Qatar Airlines orders 40 more Boeing aircraft in multi-billion dollar deal
16.10.16 Qatar Airways, British Airways agree to code-share deal
16.10.16 TUI and Etihad in talks to create new airline group
16.10.16 Easyjet named Europe's best low-cost airline
16.10.16 EasyJet brings all revenue generation under top marketer Peter Duffy
16.10.16 Ryanair not considering long-range B737 MAX
16.10.16 Edinburgh Airport boss welcomes new climate change report
16.10.16 Birmingham Airport’s £100m investment to cover self-service and baggage enhancements
16.10.16 Sunderland City Council set for share of £43m Newcastle Airport windfall
16.10.16 Southampton Airport wins the ERA Airport of the Year award
16.10.16 Norwich International Airport owner set for growth
16.10.16 BA set to lose 66 jobs from Cardiff base
16.10.16 Ryanair carried over a million US passengers during summer months
16.10.16 Ryanair sees vacation packages as a growth area
16.10.16 Airlines now carrying fire-resistant bags to combat Samsung phone explosion threat
16.10.16 EasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou back on attack over planes deal
16.10.16 NATS to provide new voice communications system to London Luton Airport
16.10.16 Over 400 new jobs up for grabs in and around Luton Airport as part of £110m expansion
16.10.16 Thousands of EasyJet passengers stranded in Greece after airline cancels flights due to strike
16.10.16 Heathrow passengers struggle through delays due to computer meltdown
16.10.16 Heathrow Airport and Skyscanner join forces for Facebook magic
16.10.16 BA partners with AirPortr to bring the ‘bag drop’ to the passenger’s doorstep
16.10.16 Drone sightings near Heathrow prompt police inquiry
16.10.16 Heathrow passengers enjoy Garden Gate sanctuary in six-month trial
16.10.16 Harry Potter Shop set to open at Heathrow
16.10.16 Ryanair reduces check-in options for ‘basic’ fare passengers
16.10.16 Jet2 plane returns to Manchester for fourth time in a month with suspected fault
16.10.16 Former Asda and Shop Direct executive joins MAG board
16.10.16 Video appears to show baggage handlers 'chucking' suitcases at East Midlands Airport
16.10.16 Woman leaves Audi at Bristol airport car park returns to find it smashed up and splattered in blood
16.10.16 British Airways boosts capacity on Germany routes from London City
16.10.16 London City airport installs full-body scanner
16.10.16 Plans for proposed £80m rail link to Glasgow Airport revealed
16.10.16 Deal signed for new trains on Stansted Express route
16.10.16 Gatwick pioneers CO2-saving green taxi scheme
16.10.16 Should taxi firms refuse to pick up Gatwick holidaymakers dumping cars in residential streets?
16.10.16 Govia completes £145 million revamp of Gatwick Express trains
16.10.16 Plane spotters caught out as small road near Heathrow generates £7,000 parking fines in just 5 months
16.10.16 Heathrow hotels see profits drop as passenger numbers slow
16.10.16 Marriott International opens Courtyard Glasgow Airport
16.10.16 Future of subsidised Cardiff-Anglesey flight under review
16.10.16 Route altered for Humberside Airport flights to Denmark
16.10.16 Edinburgh Airport chief urges change in policy to allow direct China flights
16.10.16 Radio hacker 'caused havoc at Edinburgh airport and hospital'
16.10.16 Chance to run around East Midlands Airport
16.10.16 Air Baltic to return to Aberdeen Airport
16.10.16 Man jailed over biggest ever seizure of heroin at Manchester Airport
16.10.16 SWISS launches new London Heathrow - Sion service
16.10.16 Egyptair restarts Heathrow Luxor service after suspension
09.10.16 EasyJet cites Brexit, terror attacks and air traffic control strikes for lost profit as shares sink again
09.10.16 UK to make airport expansion decision 'soon': Transport minister
09.10.16 Third runway at Heathrow Airport would not break pollution laws, study finds
09.10.16 Theresa May has MPs’ backing for Heathrow expansion
09.10.16 Doncaster Sheffield Airport welcomes 10 millionth passenger
09.10.16 Ryanair to cut winter fares by 12%
09.10.16 Jet2 seats at new Stansted base in summer 2017 exceed the entire network growth in summer 2016
09.10.16 Ryanair passenger carryings up 13% in September
09.10.16 IAG passenger traffic mostly up in September, though cargo mixed
09.10.16 Iata reports flight demand dip in August
09.10.16 Monarch tipped for crucial Boeing deal
09.10.16 Easyjet warns of £90m currency hit
09.10.16 Ryanair plans to hire 3,000 staff over next year
09.10.16 Ryanair to receive 50 new aircraft
09.10.16 Freight plane brings disruption to Belfast Airport
09.10.16 Heathrow profiles passengers to speed up transits
09.10.16 Dubai is on track to become the world's busiest airport
09.10.16 Flybe wants green light for Heathrow’s regional proposals
09.10.16 Protesters hold 'die-in' at Heathrow against airport expansion
09.10.16 International aviation deal on CO2 emissions reached
09.10.16 Norwegian sees passenger traffic rise 14%
09.10.16 Airlines respond to open letter criticising lack of competition
09.10.16 Qatar Airways poised to place £14.5bn Boeing order
09.10.16 IAG launches aviation startup accelerator program
09.10.16 Air France-KLM to install wifi on long-haul fleet
09.10.16 Birmingham airport axes passenger drop-off charges
09.10.16 Blue Air launches new Liverpool services
09.10.16 Flybe reveals new Cardiff routes set for take off
09.10.16 easyJet launch new winter sun flights from Bristol Airport
02.10.16 Birmingham and Gatwick Airport bosses join forces to attack Heathrow ‘monopoly’
02.10.16 Gatwick boss Wingate accuses Commission of runway decision mistakes
02.10.16 Forget Heathrow, it’s time to clear Birmingham for take-off
02.10.16 How is bucking the trend to become a genuine high flying business
02.10.16 Ryanair CEO says Brexit set to weigh on profit for four years
02.10.16 German airline TUIfly says no plans to link up with easyJet
02.10.16 Airlines await full Brexit impac
02.10.16 Cook bookings down 4% but encouraged by 2017 start
02.10.16 TUI shares jump as Group announces 'excellent' result
02.10.16 Lufthansa to double Eurowings fleet size to compete with Ryanair, EasyJet
02.10.16 Could airports ban travellers' families and friends for security?
02.10.16 Concerns over global rise in air rage
02.10.16 Airport passengers 'face 1km walk from check-in to departure gates'
02.10.16 EasyJet pilots suspend industrial action
02.10.16 Monarch expects 'significant investment within days'
02.10.16 Lufthansa to complete acquisition of Brussels Airlines
02.10.16 Qatar strengthens ties to British Airways with flight sharing deal
02.10.16 Aeroflot plans to introduce Gatwick service
02.10.16 EasyJet names one of its non-executive directors as its next chief operating officer
02.10.16 EasyJet cabin crew win landmark case on breastfeeding
02.10.16 Pensioner's snack causes a security alert at Manchester Airport
02.10.16 EasyJet one of first airlines to launch Apple Pay on Web
02.10.16 Planes are painted white for many reasons, but mainly for safety
02.10.16 Ambitious plans for new £70million train line to Aberdeen Airport and AECC
02.10.16 Ryanair launching new sun route from Belfast to Girona
02.10.16 Flybe begin new twice weekly Cardiff flights to Berlin
02.10.16 Jet2 launches biggest ski programme to date
02.10.16 British woman, 26, becomes one of world’s youngest airline captains
02.10.16 Why the manager of a Gatwick hotel drank 254 cups of coffee in just one month
02.10.16 BA confirms £4.75 M&S sandwiches will replace free in-flight food
25.09.16 Theresa May refuses to rule out new runways at both Heathrow and Gatwick
25.09.16 Airlines don't back Gatwick expansion: 75% say second runway will not ease pressures
25.09.16 Stansted seeks end to cap on passengers
25.09.16 ‘Don’t fret at Brexit’ says Luton airport finance chief
25.09.16 How Brexit is changing U.S. travel to London and beyond
25.09.16 The only runway is Essex, says Stansted boss
25.09.16 Gatwick commissions assessment of its economic impact
25.09.16 London mayor tells May to ‘get on with it’ for Gatwick runway
25.09.16 Boris Johnson challenged to visit Inverness to discuss new Heathrow runway
25.09.16 Dublin Airport 'may need third terminal' as Northern Ireland passenger numbers continue to rise
25.09.16 set to become UK’s second-largest carrier behind Ryanair
25.09.16 Easyjet near taking stake in TUIFly - manager magazin
25.09.16 County council abandons term-time holiday fines
25.09.16 Theresa May demands global crackdown on airport terror threat
25.09.16 Air rage incidents soar on UK flights
25.09.16 Jet2 to fly to 21 destinations from Stansted
25.09.16 Manchester Airports Group delivers '£6.2 billion of economic value'
25.09.16 Ryanair 'likely over time' to quit City of Derry Airport
25.09.16 City Hall dismisses Greens’ London City Airport expansion comments
25.09.16 MPs in spat over airport tax and the consequences for Cardiff Airport’s future
25.09.16 Edinburgh Airport plan to create 'motorways in the sky' in bid for more passengers
25.09.16 calls for 'banned by one, banned by all' policy to curb air rage incidents
25.09.16 EasyJet predicts busiest day ever
25.09.16 Strike threat by easyJet pilots suspended pending talks on fatigue
25.09.16 96% of Easyjet pilots support industrial action over fatigue
25.09.16 Ancillary charges enable Ryanair revenue to gain altitude
25.09.16 Airlines collect $40bn in ancillary revenue
25.09.16 Terminal 5 to get new walkway to speed up security
25.09.16 British Airways to sell Marks and Spencers food on short haul
25.09.16 Lufthansa and Air China form joint venture
25.09.16 IAG to build new premium Heathrow freight facility
25.09.16 EU accused of ignoring rulings on Airbus subsidies
25.09.16 Sharp fall in noise complaints at MAG's four airports
25.09.16 Jet2 passengers spend more on extras than Ryanair's or easyJet's
25.09.16 Edinburgh Airport flight path consultation attracts over 5,000 responses
25.09.16 Ryanair boss O'Leary says Belfast - New York route bailout a waste of cash
25.09.16 Emirates Hails record month at Newcastle International Airport
25.09.16 Manston row rumbles on as site owners blast RiverOak consultation claiming 90% support to get planes flying again ‘as reliable as an election in North Korea’
25.09.16 Crowdfunder launched to fund fight to re-open Plymouth Airport
25.09.16 Council chiefs accused of being ‘in denial’ about future of Blackpool airport
25.09.16 Calls for Guernsey's harbour and airport to be independent
25.09.16 Watch Boeing build Jet2's new plane in 2 minutes
25.09.16 Chaos at Manchester Airport as thousands of passengers are held up by a broken door
25.09.16 Gategroup announces key Easyjet and Airberlin agreements
25.09.16 Emirates postpones fourth daily Gatwick service
25.09.16 Terminally ill boy 'had to lie on Heathrow Airport floor'
25.09.16 Heathrow Airport baggage handler 'injured as van smashes into track on runway'
25.09.16 Flower power: Heathrow Airport maps the fragrances world
25.09.16 EasyJet's Carolyn McCall ditched by Prime Minister
25.09.16 Wealthy Middle Eastern tourists flock to Manchester because it is less of a 'hassle' than London
25.09.16 The new Russian built passenger jet seen landing at Southend Airport
25.09.16 Competition watchdog to question Blue Islands/Flybe franchise
25.09.16 New Aberdeen airport restaurant to create 90 jobs
25.09.16 Best hotels near Manchester Airport
25.09.16 Thieves 'enter 53 rooms' at Gatwick hotel using missing key
25.09.16 Chinese airport launches pink-coloured, female-only security checkpoints
25.09.16 Club Aspire lounge to open at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3
25.09.16 Popularity of Escape Lounge at East Midlands Airport rockets
25.09.16 Woman charged £27 to park for 40 minutes at Birmingham Airport
25.09.16 Phase Two of £56m Robin Hood Airport Doncaster road approved
25.09.16 "Massive support" for new direct rail link from Reading to Heathrow
25.09.16 Driver treated after coach catches fire near Luton Airport
25.09.16 Liverpool airport cabbies tight-lipped over driver syndicate's 'Euromillions win'
25.09.16 Dundee to Amsterdam flights extended to seven days a week
25.09.16 Ryanair launches new route to Faro from Newquay
25.09.16 Air hostess arrested at Glasgow airport for being ‘too drunk to fly’ on Thomson flight
25.09.16 New sunshine destination announced for Aberdeen Airport
25.09.16 Ryanair announces 10 new summer routes from Belfast
25.09.16 Low-cost airline Ryanair confirms new routes from Cardiff Airport
25.09.16 Doncaster Sheffield airport boosted by new Flybe routes
25.09.16 All Bar One adds a Scottish twist to Edinburgh Airport opening
25.09.16 Five people charged after laser pen shone at plane on approach to Edinburgh Airport
25.09.16 Dog missing for eight months is found inside Manchester Airport
25.09.16 New airline to fly from London Luton
25.09.16 New air link from Gatwick to Anguilla
18.09.16 UK domestic market sees fastest growth for a decade; BA, easyJet and Flybe dominate; London-Scotland routes are busiest
18.09.16 Birmingham Airport expansion 'being considered' by Prime Minister
18.09.16 Gatwick growth sees it hit 2030 milestone early
18.09.16 'Any new runway faces big finance and legal hurdles'
18.09.16 Flybe boss: Forget Heathrow v Gatwick – government should look at issues outside of south east
18.09.16 Residents on Heathrow flightpath dismayed that cap on number of flights allowed airport each year could be lifted
18.09.16 Heathrow and Gatwick both record busiest August amid airport expansion battle
18.09.16 UK airspace 'needs to be modernised' ahead of expansion
18.09.16 Ryanair says winter flight ticket prices to fall by up to 12%
18.09.16 Easyjet drops 4.2% over fears travel market may falter as cautious travellers make demand uncertain
18.09.16 Air passenger tax should be devolved to Wales so Cardiff Airport can get 'special treatment'
18.09.16 Record-breaking summer for Robin Hood Airport
18.09.16 Oil downturn sees Aberdeen Airport numbers drop 11.7%
18.09.16 Report on Gatwick ‘is 14 years out of date’
18.09.16 Heathrow Airport suffers worst August traffic growth for four years
18.09.16 Every UK airport will charge passengers to skip lengthy queues at passport control
18.09.16 BATA takes aim at Border Force fast track plans
18.09.16 Flights cancelled as French air traffic controllers strike
18.09.16 Brexit Brits may need visa to visit EU
18.09.16 Aviation should prepare for 'hard Brexit' says Monarch boss

There is a lot happening at UK airports at the moment. Heathrow, now the worlds second busiest international airport (it is overtaken by Dubai in 2014) with 73.4 million passengers in 2014, received Government backing for a new runway (and sixth terminal), but this changed in 2010 by the next Government. It opened a new Terminal 2 that will also replace the current Terminal 1 in June 2014. Gatwick, the worlds busiest single runway airport (two terminals, but one runway until at least 2019), with 38 million passengers in 2014 was sold in 2009 by BAA to GIP. Both want a new runway with a decision expected in late 2015.

These two London airports still dominate in terms of flights and passenger numbers, but regional airports growing at a much faster rate. The two other large London Airports - Stansted and Luton look set to grow in 2015. Stansted was to be the site the first of the UK's new runways some time after 2013, but it too was blocked by the new Government. It changed ownership in 2013 to become part of Manchester Airports Group and has grown rapidly since. Luton Airport scrapped plans for a new runway in 2008, but announced big expansion plans in 2013.

But it is at the the regional airports - led by Manchester, Birmingham (already working on an extended runway), Edinburgh (under new ownership since 2012), Glasgow, Newcastle and Bristol - where the growth is likely to be more dramatic, if the economy finally begins to pick up. These airports were transformed by the emergence budget airlines, all doubling in size over the 10 years before the recession.

These smaller UK airports are not content with with short haul routes, the larger regionals picking up inter-continental routes too, and many, including Belfast (now with the benefit of lower air taxes), Cardiff (now owned but the Welsh Government), Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, East Midlands and Southampton have set increasing the number of routes they offer as a key target, even during the current recession.

Then there are smaller UK airports and even new airports looking for routes and local flights to a growing number of UK residents. Many, including Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Durham Tees Valley, Kent, London City, Norwich, Prestwick, Robin Hood have all set 1 million passengers a year as a target, but failed to deliver with two - Blackpool and Manston - closing in 2014 (Blackpool has since reopened for small planes). Other smaller airports could struggle and shut in 2015.

These are interesting but challenging times for UK airports. Keep up to date with all of the latest developments at


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